10 Apr

Bonded Leather- How does it Hold up in an Office?

Bonded Leather- How does it Hold up in an Office?


Leather furniture in an office gives an office space – any office space – a very classic and elegant look. So if you’re looking for furniture that will really give your clients and guests a great impression, leather is the way to go.

Buying leather furniture is a big step for any office that wants to give off a professional air, but you should know that not all leather furniture are created equal. Yes, some leather furniture are better than others.


Genuine vs. Bonded Leather

                In general, there are two kinds of leather available: genuine and bonded. Genuine leather, of course, is made completely from cured animal hide. Genuine leather will be made from one whole piece of animal hide.

Bonded leather, on the other hand, is made from a blend of different materials, including pieces of animal hide. Bonded leather is created by layering together a fiber backer, shredded leather pulp, and a polyurethane coating which gives it that distinct leather appearance and feel.

Simply put, bonded leather, which is also called reconstituted leather, is a mishmash of leather, glue, and plastic put together.

In general, genuine leather has a “firmer” feel when used on furniture, and will give you a sturdier surface on sofas and chairs. Bonded leather furniture is more affordable, so you can give a sophisticated look for your office at a fraction of the cost.


Is there a Drawback to using Bonded Leather

                There are two big drawbacks to using bonded leather. First, since it’s a patchwork of different materials, bonded leather is often less durable than genuine leather. It’s not uncommon to see cracks and tears in bonded leather furniture over time. Bonded leather furniture cannot be repaired easily like genuine leather, so you may need to keep replacing the furniture. Second, bonded leather does not acclimate to the surrounding temperature, which means that it gets cold during the winter and hot during the summer.


So Should I use Bonded Leather?

                If you’re decorating your office on a budget, bonded leather is a good choice over genuine leather, because it will still give your office an elegant appearance. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to constantly maintain, and eventually replace, bonded leather furniture. You can also choose to use bonded leather jackets over your furniture, if you’re looking for something quick and fashionable.

Assuming that your office has temperature control, bonded leather can be a good choice, since air conditioned offices aren’t very affected by the temperature outside. Also, if your office doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic and only entertains the occasional visitor, bonded leather furniture can be a good choice.

However, if your office experiences a lot of visitor traffic or is affected by the weather in your area, it may be a good investment to purchase genuine leather furniture. Genuine leather furniture is stronger, and holds up to wear and tear better compared to bonded furniture. What’s more, genuine leather tends to “age” better, so over time, you’ll have genuine leather that looks and feels classic.

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